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Kathy, I have intended to write you to let you know that the girls’ paintings turned out fantastic! I was amazed at what they had accomplished in so short a time with you. They feel such a great sense of accomplishment and are excited to have their newest paintings hang as artwork in our home. The time you are spending with them is such a gift. They love your teaching style and always come home very excited about what they are creating. Thank you for sharing your expertise and talents with our family! Thanks again for all you are doing for the girls. They are having a ball!


Kathy McCartney is a wonderful artist and a tremendous business woman. She completes what she sets out to do and is very supportive of fellow artists. She is a strong supporter of the schools and teaches classes at her gallery/studio in Danville and at the local schools. I am pleased to be associated with her and would recommend you visit her studio and fine art gallery in Danville, Ca.

Kasia K.

Here is a blog posting from one of my adult students and her two daughters who took classes from me. She wrote about her experience, click here for more details: https://barij.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/12/my-kids-are-very-talented-if-i-must-say-so-myself.html Bari J.

Bari J.

My daughter really enjoys working with Kathy. Not only is Kathy a talented artist who teaches the fundamentals of oil painting, but she works very hard to accommodate the needs and desires of both the student and family in terms of scheduling, class/student dynamics, artistic freedom and expression. We have found great value and enjoyment working with Kathy!

Christine A.

We could not be happier that Natalie was able to learn oil painting while visiting Danville, from Canada this past winter. She completed four paintings that were all very different, an animal, a still life, a flower and a landscape. The skills she learned with Kathy will allow her to continue on her own. Kathy’s passion for painting and her enthusiasm to teach (and to life in general) makes you want to learn, want to come to class, and want to succeed. Natalie had an interest in art, and had talent in drawing, but now also has confidence to pickup a brush and paint. She is so proud of her first paintings, and we are so proud of her. Thank you Kathy, for being able to give a shy girl confidence in her abilities.


After coming to painting class I feel much more relaxed. It helps not only me relax but also my kids. I felt that it really helped my kids improve their concentration and self esteem.


Like Pablo Picasso said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” Painting helps me get through life with a more positive attitude and is a great stress reliever. Painting gives us peace in our soul because it makes you see the beauty of this world that is given to us by God. I read in a book, God gives you enough time to do everything you should do in this life. I’m glad I’m taking the time to paint and I’m glad that I met Kathy who has such great enthusiasm and ability to share her knowledge to paint. She encouraged me to continue my passion for painting.


We are so thrilled with the pieces that Katie’s finished, and impressed with how well you’re able to instruct your students so they can turn out their wonderful art. She gave her bigger painting to her grandparents for Christmas and they LOVE it! The rest of the family has already seen the painting on Christmas day. Grandma/Grandpa have already proudly shown Katie’s picture to some out-of-town relatives yesterday, and will probably show it on the 31st when they have folks over to watch the Sun Bowl this Thursday. I’m sure they will display it in their family room with their Hawaii family photos, where their friends will be able to admire it as well. Looking forward to more beautiful paintings. Katie is very happy with what she has done so far. Whenever I’ve asked her how she’s progressing, she tells me very well – it’s so great when as a parent you can feel as confident about something as your child does!

Norma A.

Aside from being a talented artist, Kathy’s professionalism as a teacher exceeded my expectations. She moved our class along at a steady pace, giving “hands on” help when needed. Her instructions were clear and easy to understand. I created the most beautiful oil painting while under her direction.

Kathy H.

I have been taking painting classes from Kathy for a few months now and I have enjoyed every class immensely. It is a very relaxing, fun and easy way to learn. To sit down in front of the canvas with a palette of colors and just follow Kathy’s lead has been therapeutic for me. She makes it so easy, and the end result is a small master piece. I have been displaying my paintings at work and I have received so many compliments; people think I am so talented and before I took a lesson from Kathy, I had never painted before in my life. My son has also taken a couple of lessons from Kathy, and he too, had created some incredible paintings in just a few hours. I have also seen some of the paintings from other students and have been very impressed with the results and most of them have never painted before. Kathy makes it very easy and fun. I always look forward to my next lesson and painting has become an escape from my hectic life and a way of to unwind and relax.

Patricia D.

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