Have fun learning while escaping to paradise!

(A sample of a beginners art project).

Complete your own Tropical Expression masterpiece.
We will create a beautiful painting that you will be proud to frame and display.
Be inspired and have fun with friends; HOST your own painting party!
Most paintings completed in 1 to 2 classes.
Ambitious painting projects will take a series of instructions to complete.
There are no limitations only imaginary self-imposed barriers.


art_class_2  art_class_3

“My desire is to share the joy of painting with others as a way to relax, escape, express, and build confidence. I hope to reach individuals that have the desire to learn this colorful, flexible, long lasting medium. My subject matter is something I call Tropical Expressions. These are images of tranquil oceans and lush terrain filled with brilliant, translucent colors. These are places I have seen or wish to be. As you paint you connect with the image and get lost in a state of wonderment. I want to share this magical experience with my students and people who view my artwork.”

Tom Anderson has turned his school over to the capable hands of noted artist Kathy McCartney. Most of you are aware that Tom Anderson and Linda moved December 2008 — we will miss them immensely! As one of Tom’s students, you are invited to continue your art education with Kathy a former student of Tom Anderson’s. She will sustain the fine tradition of instruction that Tom has provided, but in a different location.


happy_palm_class_project  diamond_head_class_project
lion_face  sunset_oahu

(Several samples of a beginners art project)


TOTAL COST for each class session lasting 2 hours:
Class size 3 to 7 students $45 per person
Class size 2 students $50 per person
Private lesson 1 student $90
Lessons Include: studio time with instructor, canvas for you to take home and use of class materials.
Class size 1 or 2 students may supply their own canvas if they want to do a large scale painting.
Classes scheduled by appointment only.

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