Kathy – I DID just open it now: OH! Is it beautiful!! It’s so calming! OH! I love it! It’s such a treat to see it “in person”, and in my own home–and really belongs to me–yahoo! It’s the meditative calmness just washes over me like an ocean wave; it’s like I am right there, on the beach. (Boy would I be there if I could right now– I really need it. ) I can practically hear the surf. And you’ve captured the semi-transluscent light in the wave’s roll–that magical bit is my absolute favorite! Wow!!! Just…WOW! And Aaaaahhhhhhhhh.   I can’t thank you enough!! (But I can at least leave you feedback to prove it.) :o)  Thank you my friend!! You have much “aloha” in your work don’t you. Are you a Reiki practioner? Your love just shines though. I am so glad I get to see it. 🙂  Thanks again, and again, I’m so sorry for the delay in sharing this moment with you!  June 2011 Patte (oil painting sold of rendition Hawaiian Splendor)

"In person"