First time I saw Kathy’s art was on the internet while looking for a special gift for a good friend of mine. I was looking for something with a special vibration , something that would touch my heart , that would have a meaning and a message. When I first layed my eyes on her paintings I knew they were pieces of someone’s very unique and beautiful soul. She sees the world and nature just as it is , extraordinary and it takes a gifted and sensitive person to put that on canvas. Besides the gift of painting , god gave her a huge heart and immense love for people and nature . She is one of a kind , i loved her sweet and kind personality from the first moment i got in touch with her without even knowing each other. The painting I bought it’s called ” In your dreams” and it s one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my entire life ..breathtaking. It’s a combination of grinded, etched metal, acrylic paint and oil paint, it looks like a 3d image, it gives the impression the water is flowing and the colors are very bright and alive. Her paintings make the greatest gifts and priceless object to have in your home. Every time I look at the painting , it’s liks it tells me a story , it’s emanating such a strong good vibe and calmness. I recommend her art and book with all my heart . Kathy you are a really special person and I am very grateful and happy I got to meet you and to read your story.

Alina T.