Kathy, What an adventure you are on! I must apologize that we did not give you a proper farewell from our Family! We all love you dearly and treasure the time we were each able to spend painting with you, in the studio or under the redwood trees! Every time we painted with you it was a joy and a pleasure. You are such a lovely woman, a gifted artist and an inspiring teacher. Oh how we miss you!  I do not know what changes in your life led you back to Hawaii. It sounds like there has been some heartache. May you find peace and serenity and healing in the lush beauty and soul of Hana! I think you are wise to retreat and take some time to heal and restore!  I will go and take a look at your blog. I cannot wait to see what you are up to! Please do stay in touch. We would love to paint with you if you are ever in town! You truly are such an excellent teacher. You have helped my daughters and I create artwork that we never dreamed possible! They are treasures in our home and in our lives. Thank you Kathy! We love you and miss you dearly!  Sending Lots of Love, Sandy & Girls – Oct 2012

Kathy, What an adventure you are on!